The Offensive Reality

{September 3, 2009}   Politically what?

Okay, here it is plain and simple. I extremely abhor all this Political Correct bullshit in our world. Grow up people!! There was a time and place where people just lived, and dealt with each other. Now you can’t open your damn mouth without offending someone around every little twist and turn in life. I understand, there are some big issues out there, and some people do make some idiotic statements. But getting offended over every little opinion is just down right asinine.
This is why I love the movie PCU so much. You might watch it and laugh, and say “Oh, that is just exaggerated.” But guess what?! Look around you at all bitching and moaning going on. Logging onto the internet is like taking a step onto their campus. So just call me Droz. He has the right idea.
The crap that gets people worked up blows my mind.
Everytime I turn around someone pitching a fit about something small. Can you not just live? What the hell happened to us that we’ve turned out to be such a bunch of whiny-ass crybabies?! Seriously people, get over yourselves.

Absolutely! Chris brings up some very good points here. Our society has become a bunch
of boohoo bawl babies and the crying bullshit needs to stop. All this political correctness has basically caused all of us to live in fear of upsetting one protest group or another. I don’t know about all of you but I don’t want to be forced to eat my big triple cheeseburger with extra grease in the confines of a cardboard box just to appease all those vegetarians out that that think they need to spew forth all their beliefs on how MY eating meat is just downright disgusting.

I’m a human, and I eat red meat…. and I’m damn proud of it

*takes bite of her triple cheeseburger*

If you don’t like meat then have fun munching on your lettuce and soy burger! Its not like I’m going to tell you that I take offense to people that eat living PLANTS!

So why not get off your asses and just start living instead of bitching? (harsh, I know.. but the truth hurts sometimes) I’m sure some of you can use the fresh air!


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