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{September 10, 2009}   Politically NOT!

Politics. Yuck! This is something you will RARELY hear me talk about, so here it is. I’ll get this out in the open right now. I HATE Politics. Well, okay, maybe I don’t really hate them, I don’t understand them What-so-ever. I’ve tried. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get my poor Pappy (when he was alive) and my mother to teach it to me. She sort of lost me on the whole Electoral College thing. I am one of the most Politically challenged people you will ever know. I have plans to continue to try and understand. I read all I can find. I’d really like to see some of these interviews and documentaries on it. The newer one coming out “The Youngest Candidate” from Jason Pollock is one I’d really like to see. Maybe if I see it from a teenager’s point of view, I might be able understand a bit more. So before all you political junkies rip me several new assholes, realize this: I’ve tried. And I still have my opinions like everyone else.

Over the years, as I’ve tried to read up and research what I could, I’ve come to a few conclusions. The biggest one being this: Politics is simply one big popularity contest. It’s like friggin’ high school. Let’s see what we can claim to do for all of you, even if we know there isn’t a chance we can do. But I like high school simplicity a lot better.

Here comes my first point that you are going to go ape shit on me for. Political parties. Why?!!! Are we not one damn country. For the people. By the people. I am registered as Independent for this reason. I don’t get the point of segregating ourselves. I think we’d have a lot less confusion if we just let each man, woman, whatever stand on their own, pleading their cases. Some day I foresee another war within our country. And it isn’t going to be anything like the Union versus the Confederacy. It is going to be the Republicans versus the Democrats. Personally, if you just be you, and be honest, hey, cool. I like you much better than the dumb ass speaking from his party, and not his own beliefs. One Nation.

More than anything though, my next issue the biggest for me. The way the American people are acting towards our new President. Get this straight about me: I did not vote for Obama. I tried to follow all the parties. McCain wasn’t even my first choice. But more people than just me did vote. America spoke. I am an American. I support my country. My country choose Obama. Cool. They probably know better than me anyway. Even though I didn’t vote for him, he is here. I feel that means he DESERVES a chance. It hasn’t even been a year. Hell, it wasn’t even a month, and all I saw were people bitching about how he wasn’t doing anything for us. Cheese and Rice, People!!!!! What was that old saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, I’m sure rebuilding America is going to take more than a year. Or four. During the campaigns and even now, I hear all kinds of things. One source saying that Obama is for this way of life or this bill, and another source saying that the other source is a lie. So how am I supposed to know?! I guess I just have to wait it out and see.

I didn’t get to watch the Presidents speech to the children (here is the written speech) this week. I have no TV. And since I am pretty technologically challenged, I couldn’t find it online (here is the video), I even searched YouTube. (I should have done what I usually do and begged OffensiveJ to send me some kind of link. I may still do that.) The same with last night’s speech. But I have heard non-stop the details of it. I am so appalled at people. First, with the speech to the kids: Why was this so bad?! I think it is great. Are we such a close minded paranoid nation that we think our own LEADER is out to get us? Again, I didn’t vote for him, but I damn sure am going to stand behind him now that he is our leader. I also did not trash him during our elections. (Although in joke I think I did once or twice play into that “Antichrist” bit. But seriously!) And it really disgusted me that not even minutes after he was elected, I received non-stop disrespectful joke texts from so many small-minded people.

I am even more deeply saddened at our nation on what I heard about last night’s speech. Maybe the high school comparison was on target. Because that is what I heard our congress acted like during the broadcast. We are off fighting in other countries, trying to make them “better” when we can’t even “play” as one team in our own damn country.

I am all for the causes of our world. Save the Rain forests, Stop Global Warming. Stop Domestic Violence. But seriously, how can we “save” anyone else when we are so screwed up within ourselves. I have a new cause for you. SAVE AMERICA. Maybe if we start there, we can actually make a difference somewhere else.

Grow the fuck up people. Life is about life. Not just you.

Tomorrow I will be back to just bitching about life in general again.  So for now, here’s OffensiveJ.
Thanks OffensiveChris as usual, you pretty much summed it up!  The one thing I want to add is this…
IF I EVER GET ANOTHER RACIST TEXT MESSAGE AGAIN AGAINST THE PRESIDENT (or even about Michael Jackson or any other person) I WILL SCREAM AND WILL THEN POST YOUR CELL NUMBERS SO THAT EVERYONE ON TWITTER CAN SPAM YOU CALLING YOU A RACIST! Its rude, and I don’t appreciate it so don’t even do it! (btw, this is being addressed to EVERYONE!
Oh, I’m also politically challenged and I don’t understand all of it, but I can still tell when people are bullshitting me or not!

Being Canadian makes it all that much harder for me to understand. The reigning feeling towards our politcians and policies here is apathy. That’s an attitude I can get behind.

livecut says:

IMO you’re seeing a historic shift in politics: The end of the Reagan conservative era, which started ~1976 as a backlash to the liberal era that ran from the New Deal through Vietnam. Conservatives are taking this secular shift harder than liberals did in the 70s-80s, which accounts for the Tourette’s-like behavior from many of them. It’s tough losing power and facing discredit as a movement. It’s really all about having enough juice to get your priorities into law and policy: The Art of the Possible, as the old and apt phrase goes. The process needs more posts like yours: start from common sense, apply it to the facts, reason like adults.

Jess: Love your plan to post the phone #s of ppl who harass you via text. Hope they have unlimited messaging. 😉

hee hee, yes after the elections I was spammed by friends and anyone else that had my cell number with racist jokes about Obama. Then when MJ passed away it happened again.. its like anytime anything happens they feel the need to joke about it in ways that are just NOT appropriate! Is there really a need for it?
I already get enough texts, yes some of them are all sentimental and stuff and yes i’m glad people LOVE ME so much to send them to me, but I really don’t do anything with them but DELETE THEM!
Do you guys seriously think that by sending those texts to 10 ppl will keep you from having great sex for the next 10 yrs, or that something horrible will happen to your 3rd child on the 27th day of the 3rd month in the year 2015?

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offensivechris says:

I live in a really redneck area. The racist jokes get a little out of hand.

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