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{February 15, 2010}   Opinions and Assholes

I am of the opinion today, that people have just plain lost their fucking minds. Or more, perhaps they think their minds are all that matter. We’ve all heard the phrase “opinions are like assholes, and everybody has one.” This is true. Some people are paid to give their opinions, just like some people are paid to “bare their behinds.” Considering that I am not a psychologist, model or porn star, and neither is 99% of the people in this world, these are things we should just keep to our fucking selves. Unless asked by someone special in our own little private place in the world, leave it to the people who do it well, god love them. I know what you are thinking: So why the hell do you write a blog? Well, by coming here to read me, you in a way asked my opinion. You wanted to know what this was all about. I didn’t force you here. I appreciate you reading, but if you don’t like it, don’t fucking read me. Free will. So here we go…

People fucking irk me who criticize other’s artwork, and attack those who enjoy said works. Any shape or form, from movies, drawings, writings and so on. Are you a professional critic? Siskel and Ebert? Wait? One of them is gone. Ebert and Roeper. Didn’t think so. Just because you don’t like a movie, doesn’t mean a million other people also don’t. I watch a frigging movie to escape. I just want entertained. What entertains me, may not you. Here is one that just drives me fucking crazy. Star Wars. I’m a freakin’ Star Wars ADDICT. I love Star Wars in any shape or form. Including the newer movies. Yeah, that’s right. I think the are great. I get so sick of hearing all these so-called “fans” bashing George Lucas over the new movies. They are HIS movies. And I think he followed the story pretty damn well. Yes, he blew everyone’s minds with the technology he used in the 70’s. What did you expect now? Was he to just pull some off the wall shit out of his ass? (Heh, no pun intended.) Get off the dude’s back!

Tim Burton is another I simply love to watch. But lately I’ve heard people bitching a blue streak (what the fuck does that mean anyway? Bitching a blue streak?) about how his work is disappointing now. Really? Because I still think he has the creepy, dark and disturbing edge that hooked me in the beginning. I cannot wait until Alice in Wonderland comes out. And Dark Shadows? Hell yes!

How about books? Everyone is trashing Stephanie Meyer for her “sparkly” vampires. Well you know what? I think she is a fucking genious. She took a story that people have been writing about for years and years, always pretty much telling the same damn story over and over again. I mean, come on, we know the rules of vampires, how many different ways can you tell it? She took this long running story, and came up with a totally original angle. I think that is pretty damn smart.

Recently, thanks be to Twitter, I stumbled upon Rob Sheridan’s work. I think I’d love to cover all my walls in his drawings and photos. If your like me, check it out: I like dark stuff. Everyone interprets things differently. I don’t necessarily see dark as morbid. But some people I know seem to think that I am totally screwed up in the head for this. Okay fine. You don’t like it. I am not screwed up, or fucking dumb for liking the things I like. I think he is fucking brilliant. We wont even get into the incredibly sexy… and well, never mind. Maybe you like Monet. Personally, there is some artists, artwork, and movies out there that I feel are the most stupid things to cross my path. Some others don’t. I’m not going to criticize them for it. Except Jess, who I constantly pick on for not being a Star Wars fan.

Now, what about you assholes that think you have the right to make assumptions of people, just based on what you see. Take me for example. Thank you God, I look a hell of a lot younger than I really am. Hell, I get carded trying to buy R-rated movies. People see me with my kids and atomically assume I’m some little girl who jumped in head first. I’ve gotten lectures from complete strangers about how I should not have been a baby having babies. I was fucking 25 when my oldest was born. I was out with my grandmother the other day and a girl walked by with pink streaks in her hair. My grandmother went off about how horrible that was and blah blah blah. Well gee, thanks. Guess she forgot 10 years ago when my hair was so Manic Panic red that some called it pink. I was pretty damn punk. Still have the piercings to prove it. Am I a horrible person? You can keep that opinion to yourself. She felt this girl must be a drug addict, criminal and all else that is wrong with our world. Stereotyping is fucking stupid, people. Remember that cheesy saying “when you assume, you make and an ass out of you and me?” Yes, I know. We ALL judge. I do it too. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let that thought out of my head. Well, until I get to my phone and call one of about three people. Yep, I’ve said it before, that is what friends are for. I’d not make a public display of it.

Do I need to keep stressing my point here? You aren’t that thick skulled are you? Lighten up. People are different. How fucking boring would it be if we weren’t? Here it is: if you give your shit for brained opinion without prompting, you are in fact an asshole.


Loving this post, C.

I get so tired of people randomly making uninformed judgements and then voicing their opinions about situations they have no clue about. Seriously, it gets very old, very fast.

I’m just bored to tears with it.

And by the way? My hair was never pink. Or red.

It was, however, blue. 😉

offensivechris says:

Thanks Lori!

I think blue hair would be awesome! Although, I really miss my red.

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But I have red! wooooo

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