The Offensive Reality

{February 15, 2010}   Sexual Frustrations

Today Ladies and Gentlemen we are going to talk about sexual frustration. Yeah, that’s right. That big pain in the… well, you know where it pains you.

I’ve heard where the more sex you have, the more you want it. Well, after being single for quite sometime now, I’m of the firm belief that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I think my brain must have a male component there somewhere, because I’m fucking worse than any man for letting my mind wonder to that train of thought. Honestly, it doesn’t take much anymore to get my head spinning into that wonderful gutter.

Now, I know what you are thinking, so go get your groove on. Hey, if that is your thing, awesome for you. I know that I can’t just randomly hook up with someone I have no interest in being with otherwise. It isn’t some stupid moral thing. I know me, and the big ball of emotions churning in me makes that a little too complicated. I just can’t deal with the after effect of feelings, to get that must have now gratification.

And sex is everywhere. I’m not complaining, mind you. I think it is fucking ridiculous all the asswipes that get so offended over stupid little shit. I don’t go in search of it, it is put directly infront of me, through text messages, twitter, emails and the like. It’s enough to make a woman want to find the nearest “Wack shack” and stock up on all the favorites. And I know it isn’t just me. I can’t be alone in this torturous, yet somewhat exhilarating battle.

Having kids makes it difficult dating. Not because nobody wants to date a Mommy. But your options become limited. Whoever decides to date me, better sure as hell be prepared to be spending time with my kids too, and want to as well. Add in the money factor. I’ll admit it. I’m broke. And I can’t stand the thought of someone else having to pick up every little fucking tab, and take responsibility for everything we do.

All I can say is that when that person comes into my life, they better have some fucking energy. Because all these pent up urges are going to have to come out at some time. And they better be able to keep up with me… because so far, I haven’t found that person yet who isn’t so concerned with themselves that they know how to rock my world.

Okay then.  I need some time to myself now…

john says:

I haven’t had sex in….. nearly 10 months. I’m in the same boat. i can’t do casual sex and since I’m only 23, I can’t date because by the 1st date the girls want a kiss and the 3rd date you’re fucking. I kiss on the…5th date if I really like her. I’m very picky about who I give myself to so I lose a lot of great girls.

and I’m not about to just have sex with anyone. and I can’t watch porn cause that’s just gross. The result…. I go about two weeks between orgasms and haven’t held anyone in 10 months. At 23, it’s the most pathetic feeling and leads to much depression.

Joanna says:

I totally feel you on this. After being in a long term relationship then being single it does get a little frustrating. John I could respect your method. Where can I find a guy like you!? lol.

BigFieldy says:

Nice guys are always around, I guess we’re just harder to find. I just keep telling myself it will be worth the wait.. all because I want it to be special.

Anonymous says:

I’m a girl and tjis is so me

offensivechris says:

At 32, and it being that I haven’t been held by anyone in 2 years, I can understand. I like sex, I like porn, I like all that. But I’m not about to just throw myself out there and around for that instant gratification. I want something meaningful.

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