The Offensive Reality

{April 19, 2010}   Ignorant Parents of a Lifetime Award…

Is it just me, or have parents become more ignorant fucks over the last few decades?  I’ll never claim to be the perfect mom. I do my best and we learn from that. But come on, common sense should just be there!  I am sure I do things that those “plastic bubble” parents would fly into a raise-all-hell frenzy over, but my kids are safe. I’m not one of those people who constantly coddles and swaddles her kids in bubble wrap.  But there are two extremes here. In a previous blog ( ) I talked about those kinds of parents that drive you up a fucking wall with the over protecting. Today Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to talk about the dumbshits that we are shocked to see their kids grow up to be adults. Most likely, not even “normal” adults.

Lets start with entertainment. Movies, video games. I am an addict of both. When it comes to video games, I am cautious what my kids see and play. Anything I have about an E rating is up on a shelf they can’t get to. But I know some assholes that think it is funny to hear their 3 year old quote lines from Grand Theft Auto. I think this is truly disturbing. I believe the worst my sons see here at home is a little Super Smash Brothers. And just what is wrong with Mario bashing the hell out of Link? Nothing. As long as he is using a Flower to do so. But, he has come home from visiting, talking about some seriously rated M games. He’ll point them out to me in stores. He’ll talk about blowing this guys leg off, or watching the blood explode everywhere. Hello? He is 6!
Movies are a bit touchier with me. I love anything that has gore, sex, horror, and violence. But I’d never watch them around kids. It’s called responsibility. My kids have my same taste in dark movies. We watch all sorts of stuff. My two year olds are starting to quote Ghostbusters. And let’s not get started on Star Wars. My oldest even has a severe fascination with Army of Darkness. Yes. I let him watch it. This was iffy, and it took a few weeks of talking before I let it happen. But in all honesty, there isn’t much cursing or anything for that part. He likes the funny “bone guys.” He knows the curse words are bad, and that you don’t say them. However, I would never let him watch the first two Evil Deads. I know his limits. This weekend he comes home though telling me about a zombie movie he watched. He had been allowed to watch Zombieland. What. The. Fucking. Hell?!!  Okay, zombie wise, no big deal. He can handle that. But the content of that movie is just a little more adult than I’d prefer to have my kindergarten son watch. There are zombie women running around with their half eaten breasts hanging out. There is a hell of a lot more cursing in that movie. What the fuck goes through people’s heads?  How could you think that this is acceptable for anyone under age? I prefer to make the choice of what my son can watch. It seems to me that this should be a given. It’s just as bad these parents that take their children into adult movies just so they can see them.  Find a fucking babysitter.  Then again, you are probably the same ass wipes that prop your child in front of the TV as a sitter. And those of you, who go to a movie, find it more adult than you thought, and then bitch to the world around about how inappropriate it was? Fuck off! Watch the fucking movie yourself before you take your child. Test the damn waters. Would you plop your child in a bathtub without checking the water first? Unless it is rated G, assume you need to see it first. That is what the fucking rating system is for. My 6 year old was taken to see Avatar in the theaters before I’d been able to see it myself. Luckily, once I saw the movie, I didn’t see much that I didn’t think he couldn’t deal with. But it pissed me off that because someone else wanted to see it so bad, and was stuck with the kids for a night, dragged them along. The 6 year old and I fight non-stop of South Park. I caught him watching it one night. It went off immediately. Now we are in a continuous battle over it. He wants to see it. It’s a cartoon after all. And forget trying to explain “adult cartoon” to a child. This just does not compute. But I hold my ground. Simpson’s TV show? Sure. Simpson’s movie? Hell no. Comic book movie? Fuck yes! Comic book movies like Sin City, The Punisher, or The Crow. FUCK NO!  See, I can be reasonable. Mostly.

I know you are sitting there, going “listen to her, she fucking curses, talks about sexual frustration, and what she’d do to geeky men if she had her chance, how can she say she is a good parent?” Well, again use your fucking common sense. This is my outlet. You think I would talk like that in front of my kids? Hell no. Sure, there is an occasion when a curse slips out. Human nature. Usually, I turn red, look at my son, he’ll look at me and go “Uh-oh Mommy.” Then we laugh. In all honesty, I’ve only heard my kids utter one curse word they could have gotten from me. Damn. And trust me, they know how that word works, and where. But sometimes I’ll hear something slip, and think, “where the hell did they hear that?” Of course, I know who in our lives says those words. Everyone slips. It’s when you are doing it consciously, and even think it is funny when your child repeats it. Me? I get embarrassed as all hell when my kid slips. I feel everyone nearby is judging me.

Where am I going with this? Fuck if I know. I just was pissed off when my son came home and said he’d watched Zombieland. And I needed to fucking let my mouth go.


My children are a bit older and I have another thing to bitch about.  Miley Cyrus!!!  Okay maybe not her in general but her clothing line.

Let’s back up a little and get some backstory here.  I of course am a slender tall woman and of course I have a daughter that is also slender and tall.  At the age of 11 she is currently in the Juniors section of clothing stores.  She can fit her tiny ass into a size 0-1 so this makes it hard for me to shop for her.  We can go to the girls section but because her legs are so long and stuff that she just can’t wear it long enough to be worth the money.  So we moved to the juniors section.  During the Easter holiday I decided to get her an outfit for spring/summer.  I started looking for a pair of shorts and was shocked to see the clothing section of walmart.  Sure, I would have gone to another store but lets see…. the only other place to get reasonably priced clothing around here is at K-Mart… and our local K-Mart is pretty desolate and empty.  I was in this section of clothing looking at the skankiest shit in the world.  You mean to tell me that it is acceptable for children and young teens to wear shorts that show the bottom of their ass?  OH wait, that’s right… in this area YES it is, but NOT for my children.

The great thing about my daughter is that sports are more important to her then boys.  She would rather wear the sweatshirts and t-shirts with capri’s.  But there are some out there that think their children can wear this stuff and nobody is going to say anything.  Do they realize that people make comments about it when they see your 16/17 yr old daughter in shorts w/ their ass hanging out?  Do you realize that there are some perverts out there staring at your daughters ass as it hangs out?  And lastly, do you realize that letting your daughter over sexualize her looks doubles the chances of her having sex at an early age?  OH you didn’t realize that?  Well, hello… I’m going to let you in on a little secret there sunshine… SHE’S PROBABLY ALREADY HAD SEX BY THE AGE OF 15!!!  I think maybe its time to become an active participant in your child’s life before it’s too late!

What are your thoughts on parents that could give a shit about “age appropriate” thing for their children?


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fracas says:

(Mom’s Bits here…) As I read this, I know of a tween being taken to get a tattoo, and am flabbergasted at the 13 year olds I know of who have lip and eyebrow piercings, wear clothes I wouldn’t want my 20 year old to wear and are out at night with guys old enough to legally drink.

Parents are totally out to lunch these days. They want to be friends, or for their kids to think they’re the ‘cool’ parents.

It’s awful. I had no rules when I was a teen. I thought it cool then… but really had a hard time forgiving my parents for that once I had kids and realized how wrong that was. I realized it meant no one was watching out for me and I felt unloved. Their kids will too. It’s a ticking relationship time bomb for them.

Stick to your rules. It will be worth it. 😉

I don’t mind trying to be a friend to my kids, but they know there is a time when I mean business and a time when we can laugh and be silly together. There are major boundaries. Like my 11yr old whom gives me the nice “but everyone else has one” defense when she tells me that she wants a cellphone. unfortunately, I don’t care and she gets very mad at me for telling her NO! I also would NEVER let my 13 yr old get a tattoo. What are those parents thinking?

Chrissarella says:

I think you can be a friend, by being the parent. They will love you and respect you more, if that is the role you are playing. Not the cool parent. Or the parent who lets everyone else raise them.
I have a rule on body art. I have piercings, and if I can find the right person to design a tattoo for me, I’d have that as well. But, I was an adult before any of that started. My rules are simple. With piercings, they must be at least 16, and there needs to be a good reason. Not “but so and so has one.” With tattoos, sorry, but you must be 18. In my opinion, over 21 is even better.
Parents are way to lax with kids now-a-days. I hate the things I see. Cellphones are a big issue for me. I lived and survived as a kid without constant contact.

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