The Offensive Reality

{April 23, 2010}   The Back Left Burner is Boiling Over!

So yeah, friends, aren’t they wonderful? They are they for you to bitch and whine too, they are there for you to run mouth too. Hell the real friends are there to smack you upside your head when you are totally fucking up.

And then there are “those” friends. Yeah, you know them. The fucking douche bags that you put your emotions and trust in only to wind up on the back burner of their lives, without a clue as to why. There was this little article or something I read once called Reasons. In short it said that some people were in your life for a Season, some people for a Reason, and some for a Lifetime. These fake friends, they don’t fit in anywhere. Yet, we still fucking jump through hoops when they decide to pop up.

For some it happens as they fall in and out of  “love.” When they have their attentions focused in another direction, you don’t exist. Unless of course the dark waters are churning. If they are unhappy for a second, your back on the radar. And then suddenly they are gone once again and you are in limbo. Because all is right as rain in paradise. Don’t get me fucking wrong. I don’t wish anyone unhappiness, and I definitely hope my friends find awesome love. But when that love comes with misery, lying, sneaking and ignoring friends, well hell, maybe you are meant to be. And not on my give another fucking thought to list.

Then you get these pecker head needy friends. You know, the fuckers that only come around when they think they can get something from you. Not even just material somethings. Maybe all their other shithead friends are off ignoring them with their “special” someones, so you are all that is left with an arm to twist. These are the ones that you know damn well never to say anything somewhat personal to, or you’ll live to regret it. That person you mention that is hot, suddenly now thinks you are stalking him or her.  Your douche bag ex you decided to let off some steam on, now knows that you wonder how the hell you ever thought he or she was attractive, and that sex with them made you fear sex for a long time afterwards. But, you slip. You always do. You get caught up in that moment, and there it goes like a bat out of hell, and you find yourself slipping down where said bat came from.

Then you have the ones that fuck your feelings up the most. These are the ones that you let in closer to than you normally let others. And usually quicker than  normal as well.  You trust them. You love them to death. You tell them everything, and you are told that they do the same. Then one day, where the fuck did they go? You try once or twice to find out what is going on, or keep in contact, but to no avail. Sure, they still have you on their so-called friend list, but you also see about 10 other individuals on that list you’ve heard them bitching about. So then, do they run to those people and bitch about all the rest?

If you are like me, you are a fucking idiot. Because pride would tell you to suck it, get over, fuck them, they aren’t worth it. Pride tells me that. Then this stupid fucking softy side of me (yes, I have one of those. Actually, I’m pretty much all of one of those.) breaks down the moment they call, text, email, whatever, and jumps right back in. Why? Who the fuck knows.

Maybe that is why I’m writing this. So I’d say, if you see yourself in this at all, maybe you need to either “shit or get off the pot.” Take me the hell off your back burner one way or another. Oh, and have a fucking backbone and tell me the hell why.

I’m off to finish my Starbucks Ice Cream now.

background.jpg Fake friends image by la_guera87Those “real friends” are the ones that you can go weeks or even months without speaking and when you finally do talk, its like you never skipped a beat.  I have a friend like that!  Her name is Heather (yes Chrissa is a real friend, don’t get me wrong but I talk to her all the time and I love her).. She knows who she is, and recently she moved back to our hometown and I couldn’t be happier!  Sure we’ve had our moments where we were mad at each other, but those moments didn’t break our friendship.  We’ve shared some of our most embarrassing moments with each other and hell, the other day along with our friend Megan, we sat in Starbucks in State College, PA talking for two hours.  TWO HOURS!!  It didn’t even feel like it was that long.  What my point is, is that you know who those real friends.  They don’t leave you when times are down.  They don’t come back to you when you are a “last resort”.  They don’t run their mouths about you, and they keep your secrets!

I sit back some days and think to myself “WHY the fuck do I deal with those people that hurt me the most?”  Yes, I have friends that can be considered fake.  I’m sure they wouldn’t even realize I’m talking about them if they were to read this.  Those friends would read this and dismiss it as being “not about them”.  You then realize that the reason they don’t know it, is because they are either self absorbed or either they really are that stupid!  So why do I keep them around?? I have no idea!!  Which brings me to something else about fake & real friends.

Have you ever read those “forwards” on facebook/myspace/txt/ect that talk about real friends and fake friends and that if you are a REAL friend you would forward it to all your friends… NO!  A real friend would be there with you or on the phone with you catching up rather then posting pointless crap on those social networks wasting your time reading the shit!  A real friend would be facebook chatting with you or posting pictures of their children to share with those real friends.  A real friend would be updating you via facebook/myspace/txt/ect about what is going on and if it were a post that sounded like you were down, that friend would then call or message you to find out how you are doing.  I don’t need to post pointless forward to figure out who my REAL friends are, and if you feel you do… they you don’t really know who those real friends are..(or you really need that ego boost by watching all your “friends” repost your shitty forward… narcissistic much?)

So get off your ass and off your computer and CALL YOUR FRIENDS! Let them know how much they mean to you and catch up with them!  Make plans, do things, and make time for fun times with them… who knows when that “last time” will be.  Live for today and make each day count!

I’m going to go call my friend now…


Whoa! I dig this post. Friendships require nurturing, play time, cohesiveness, amusement and more. Trust and time in begets trust and time in. And, the Earth keeps spinning, so there is always time for more; unless I get hit by a truck. In which case, if I get hit by a truck, I hope it is a beer truck. ox I’m amused by this angst filled post, by the edgy way you write. Cool.

Chrissarella says:

Thanks Jenny! I like trying to take a point and get across that way. My theraputic. lol

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