The Offensive Reality

{December 7, 2009}   Talk Is Cheap

What the freaking hell people?!! Does nobody speak or type “normal” anymore? Talk is cheap today, and in that I mean, people sound cheap and ignorant. Maybe, at 31, I’ve just become to old. I don’t get it. Okay, there are some grey areas when playing around with lingo. My friends and I will jokingly say something to each other. Fine. Joke, laugh, play. But if you are trying to have a serious conversation with someone, JUST TALK REAL!

A few years ago I was hanging around with an old friend. We were talking about things in our lives when she says to me “I haven’t had shautty (sp?!!!) in a minute!” What the hell is that? Sounds to me like you haven’t been shot or shot at in the last 60 seconds. I come to find out that she meant she hadn’t had sex in a long time. Why the fuck didn’t she just say that?! I mean, seriously! When I didn’t have a clue as to what she was talking about, she said “you grew up in the country, you just don’t get it.” Okay, true. But wait just a fucking second here!!! “Didn’t you grow up on the farm 10 miles down the road from me?!”

Then, the other day as I was feeding my obsession that is Twitter, some dude tweets me. I’m always up for new friends! I love talking to people! But this was an instant downer: Hey bby grl! Waz up! You iz fine. OH.MY.GOD. Again, I joke around with my friends saying all kinds of goofy shit. But if I was somewhat interested in meeting someone new to talk to, I’d never, and I mean never start off the conversation this way. You sound like a real brain. Lets date. Sure.

The one that irks me the most, however, is the person who has wants to leave their opinion about some topic. You are reading an article. You have a thought flow through your head. You want to make your point too. So you scroll down to the comment section. Then you write this:

Focus lady. Roman Polanski had a mother, like you, drop off her little girl, probably thinking she hit the jackpot, at Jack Nicholson’s house!! Then, he gave her a Rufee and fcked her in the azz. She was 13. 13, get it? There is no time in history when fckging a 13 year old girl in the azz, is acceptable. All the ‘what about this and that’ is simply something of a collective subject matter that you should put on paper, roll, and stuff in your azz. Then, while you are stuffed, go visit a rape clinic. You make stupid look like a state of higher education. You are cut in the mold of the do-gooders of the past 30 years who fcked Americans’ in the azz because you push your fcked up values through the courts. Now we all suffer from political correctness and numbed to life.

– Harlan Letterman

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Are you fucking kidding me?! You have a good point. But right there with the replacing the s with the z, you just dropped the impact of your statement way below intellegent. Infact I think my IQ dropped to half just from having to read that shit. And this is just the beginning. I know I make spelling mistakes here and there. But some of the fucked (yes, there is a u in there) up shit that is written on these sites drives me up a wall. You make all of us adults, parents, humans, extremely proud. I am sure the author of this article is going to take your aSS seriously.

I could go on and on about this subject. But I’m sure you are “prolly findin some n00b 2 try and get wit n woo herz wit ur mad skillz.”


‘/34|-| j00Z $|-|0ULD r34LL’/ L34r|\| |-|0\/\/ 70 $P34|< pr0P3r 3|\|9L1$|-|!

and if you can’t read that… you isn’t l33t or l337 or 1337 (whichever you prefer)!!!

The funny thin’ iz, when ya speak like dis here ya really sound like uh dumbass. Who can take ya seriously jivin’ like dis here? Do ya really th’o’t dis here iz proper English? Where did ya jet ta fucking skoo? Did yo’ ass even graduate?

Amen ta Ebonics Translators (because I sure as hell couldn’t actually type like dis here without it)! Jus’ like Orenthawl James. (okay the Orenthawl James part made me laugh because I didn’t type that in the box to translate.. too funny)

OK, I’m done.. I don’t think I could ever really talk like that and keep a straight face.  I think maybe I’ve become retarded just by copying and pasting that shit! UGH… I need to go read Pride and Prejudice just to fix this problem!


{November 1, 2009}   Drama Drama Drama

Get a life people. Preferably your own! I mean seriously, are you that simple-minded that you have to butt your dumb ass into someone else’s business? And I mean this on every scale. Whether you are some small town gossip, to the big ass tabloids, and even to the people who are supposed to aid and protect us in life.

Lets start small town here. Or any town. More like small mind. Lets try my town. Do you know me? You think you do. You hear this, you twist that, and suddenly you are an expert on my life. Then your so-called facts come rolling back to me, and I sit and laugh at how off base you are. Well, laugh is an understatement. Maybe if you actually knew me, you’d be less likely to run your mouth. Scratch that. For two reasons. One, you’d still run your mouth because that is who you are. You seem to get some thrill out of everyone else’s misery. And two, I don’t want to know you. You are not exactly the type of person I want associated with. You joke how you sit around with your friends making fun of me. Really? Haha, awesome. I am so glad to know that I’m that entertaining. Maybe I should get my own reality show. Here’s a reality for you: Who cares what you and your friends are laughing at. If only you knew how other people looked at you. Most likely if you are dishing out the goods to everyone you know, you are trying to cover up all your nasty little quirks. (Like sleeping with your married boss, or cheating on your husband, or, well you get the picture.) Sure, I call one of my close friends when I hear something coming my way. We joke. We laugh. We are evil. But only too each other. It stops there. That is what friends are for. By the way, I’ve never been one of those people who think that certain people are better than others. I feel everyone is equal, it is just what you do with your mind that counts. You are making me reconsider that.

Here is another one for you. You shit for brains pricks who think you are so high and mighty that you lump everyone together, into stereotypes. I usually ignore comments I see in this regard. Yeah, they piss me off, but I am most likely to just sit and stew at the ignorance of those people. Once in a blue moon though, someone might catch me in a mood. The INTERNET is wonderful for this, because I am allowed that instant, respond to the asshole before I think capability. The other day was one of those moments. As I get into this, remember, I am a survivor of domestic violence. I’ve been battling the system for years, trying to get a real life for me and my children. I have seen the system from different angles, at one point working for it, and then having to live on it myself. I was in a MOOD to it’s true form on this day, when some jackass made a comment lumping drug addicts and people on public welfare all together in one nice little bundle of hatred. You may see me cursing on here, and putting things into not so nice wording. But that is here. I sort of use this like I’m talking in my head. When I actually communicate with people, I am pretty reserved. And actually, don’t laugh, some what shy. Ask OffensiveJ. She’s had to deal with my timid ass for 15 years. Anyway, I calmly asked this dude, “so are you lumping everyone on assistance together in that?” Well, he preceded to tell me how EVERYONE on assistance, unless you are a mentally handicapped child, or elderly, should not be allowed any kind of aid. That everyone else were just lazy asses living off everyone else. So I said to him that I know there are a lot of people taking advantage of the system, but they are just making it bad for those trying to honestly get by. He told me that was basically bullshit. I asked him “what about the now single mom, who was a survivor of domestic violence? She didn’t asked to be abandoned or abused, and left with nothing.” And then he goes into this rant about how she could be out working any job possible, and blah blah blah, even in this economy there really is jobs. He also went off on this tirade about how everyone on assistance should be forced to be temporary sterilized. Excuse me? What?! Okay, granted, I feel that if you are on assistance you should be a little more careful on what you are doing thinking, especially when it comes to children. Do you really want to bring more life, into that kind of life? But WTF?! Sterilization?! Taking someone’s freedom. I know there are some stupid people out there having kids for the wrong reasons, but unfortunately that is their choice. Needless to say, I got no where, but extremely irritated with this moron. Then he precedes to tell me how his family has always been well off, and he’d never use public assistance. Well, buddy, I hope for you kids sake, your job and life are pretty damn secure.

Moving on. Did any of you see this case going on with the Walmart/photo/child porn thing. No? Go read it. OMFG!! Okay. Now I know that there are some pretty sick people out there, but this?! Who the hell doesn’t have childhood nude pictures? Or tub pictures? You are a parent. You see your adorable little one covered in bubbles playing happily. Sex is the last thing on your mind. You are only thinking how you want to be able to remember that adorable little face with the blue bath paint splattered everywhere. I guess I don’t know what to think of the Walmart worker here. I would say that common sense developing the pictures should win out. Is it a whole role of naked children? Oh, just some little girls hugging fresh out of the tub in a towel, and a bunch photos of some family fun stuff, vacations… whatever. Hmmmm, these must be child pornographers. Okay, okay, so he was doing his “job.” Then what about the fucking police. I honestly don’t know how it is in other states, or even town further way, but I know in our little town, the children services suck ass. They ignore the cases that are severe and really do need help, because that would mean they actually have to work. Instead, they pick on the little cases, that are usually false info, and terrorize the family. I’ve seen it happen. I got so burnt out working for the social work system in my area that I left in a hurry. I’d rather find another way to attack it. Anyway, that poor family was torn apart and probably scarred for life over someone’s little reaction. Meanwhile, if I do a sex offender search of my area, there are at least 23 in a 30 mile radius. Get a fucking clue! COMMON SENSE! Wait I forgot, that is something of the past.

Take a hint people. Get your own fucking lives. Save the drama for… well, never mind. Don’t save it for her. Reasons being: one, she’s had to deal with you and your drama your entire life. Let the poor woman have some piece; two, if you are the way you are, most likely she is the reason you are that way. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (thanks Mom)


Drama is my middle name.. scratch that.. DRAMA LOVES TO FIND ME!  Thats much better. 

Many of you know that I frequent a site called Level26 (yes this is a shameless plug for the site too lol) and you know that I’m really dedicated to the site.  Maybe it’s the story, maybe it’s the fact that a kick ass person by the name of Anthony Zuiker runs it and he is by far my favorite celebrity at the moment… Not only because he created one of my FAVORITE TV shows, but because he loves to interact with his Level 26 community!  Granted, with any site you will have controversy and its to be expected, but what you don’t expect is 6th grader drama between everyone.

For the past 3 weeks its been a full-fledged bitch fest about one thing or another.  What doesn’t help is when one person starts it and then everyone else follows their lead.  I’ve never in my life seen so many “pussy whiny bitch tit pieholes” in my life (OK that was something someone called ME the other day).  I was literally embarrassed to be associated with these people the other week.  To the point where I wanted to send Anthony a message saying “OMG, I can’t believe adults are behaving this way.. please forgive them”

So not only is the drama offline… its like 10 times worse online.  It’s like everyone loses all of their common sense as soon as they see a keyboard.  Either that or they become retarded after touching a computer!  Maybe the screen transmits some strange rays from it to the brain of the person sitting there that tells them to become the biggest piece of shit in the entire world!  (that must be it)

What other types of drama do you guys see?  Tell us your worst drama stories… lets see who has the best story!

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