The Offensive Reality

{September 8, 2010}   My Life, My Mess, My Business. End.

Something has been irking the shit out of me lately.  Okay, not just lately, my entire life, but it’s been bubbling up under my skin more recently. Enough I need to get a point out there, and hopefully across to some of you ass wipes.  I know, we haven’t posted in a while.  Don’t think that isn’t because we haven’t been pissy.  It’s mostly just that the things pissing us the hell off we’ve already covered, and if you are like me, I hate to hear dumb asses tell the same story over and over again.  So here’s a new one for you.

Why the fuck can people not keep their goddamn noses to themselves?  I am not talking about close friends.  In my world, I have this inner-circle of people that I share pretty much every fucking aspect of my life with.  And some of them do not even know each other. Some of them I know in person, and some of them I only know through the Internet.  I hope you all know who you are.  These are people in my own little world that I trust to just let it all loose on.  And I’m not talking about things I post openly on the Internet.  If I post something irking me on line, it is open for comment.  I put it out there. I’m talking about these dipshits that you barely know, who blatantly ask you personal things about your life, mostly in the off line world.

There are some things, and some situations I am willing to talk to almost anyone about.  For instance, my domestic violence past.  To a degree that is, I will talk about it.  (Sorry, I got a little Yoda-ish on you there.)  If someone is asking me about this because they want to understand domestic violence better, or because they want to understand and help someone going through it, I’ll gladly discuss it. I want to help people in this situation.  Knowledge is power here. Understanding is power.  Let me help.  But if some fucknut is just trying to dig juicy gossip out of me, I don’t want a fucking part of it.  For almost a year after my ex almost killed me, I was terrified to go into the grocery store.  Every damn time I walked in the building I was stopped by someone I barely knew, or who only knew of me because of my ex, trying to dig details out of me.  I didn’t want to relive that just for their entertainment.

Money is another issue.  My other ex has this idea that he is allowed to tell me what he thinks about my financial situation.  Hell, he even will out and out tell me what to spend money on, and that I need to get out and get a job. Really?   Well shit.  I for some reason believed that I could just sit here on my ass, and all my money worries would just go away.  Pecker head.  I’m constantly trying to find a job.  I did on line training to start up my own damn business, but apparently that isn’t good enough.  I guess I have to give up on anything meaningful and listen to him.  By the way, my business opened this week. Sure, it’s going to take a while for anything to get out there, but it’s here. He also seems to think that he can tell me what to spend my child support on. I’m not some fucking little white trash bimbo, taking her kid’s money and going out drinking.  Every damn penny I get goes into the necessities in this house.  And I so fucking resent some dickhead, who goes out partying in any shape or form, spending his money on hunting supplies, telling me what I should be spending it on.  One day he’ll tell me that it should be helping to pay my bills, and the next day he’ll be saying that it should be used to only buy things for my son.  Oh, and this is the same jackass who thinss $250 a month is more than enough to raise children on.

He’s not the only one.  I have people message me on facebook about personal issues that they heard through the grapevine.  If you only means of conversation with me is an occasional  “like” on a link or status, leave my personal life the fuck alone.  I didn’t post this, so why do you think you have a damn right to ask me about it?

My point people?  Stay the fuck out of my business.  Unless you are in my inner-circle, or I have posted it openly for comment. I swear, everyone’s noses are actually bigger than their damn heads, because they seem to be in the way of everyone else’s lives.

Gossip and Drama seem to be the two things that a lot of people thrive on.  If it’s not drama within their own lives, then they need to get it from other avenues about others.  And living in a smaller town makes you more prone to having others gossip about you than in larger towns.  BUT, don’t get me wrong, larger towns have it much easier these days because of that wonderful invention called INTERNET!

I don’t even need to know a person “IRL” (in real life) to hear the latest gossip about them.  If you have a computer and you put little tid bits of information about yourself out there, it’s like a red flag to the “drama llamas” alerting them to potential gossip that then turns into drama.  I know from personal experience the sort of drama that can come from the online idiots.  I’ve lived it!  Hell, I’ve even had so much stress built up around it that I was physically SICK.

Outside of the internet, I’ve gotten away from a lot of the gossip and drama that use to follow me.  I packed up my shit and moved to a new town 20 minutes away.  I use to live in a town that when I walked out my door, half the town knew about it.  I would get calls from people saying “Hey, what were you doing this afternoon at [insert store location]?”  Now, I’m not sure why it would really be anybody’s business if I were to walk into a place called “toilet paper emporium” but don’t you think you could figure out WHY I was there?  And even if you couldn’t figure out that I was picking up some precious “toilet paper” from said location, why does it matter?  It’s like asking a person why they’re fucking breathing? LIKE YOU COULDN’T FIGURE THAT ONE OUT!!!!

The best type of drama/gossip is when you have people that live an hour away asking you those types of questions!  Now I know they couldn’t have seen me leave my house unless they have me under 24 hr surveillance.  It was like living under a microscope.  I only thought celebrities lived under microscopes but apparently my life is that important that I must fall in that category too.

So the next time you feel that itch to start talking about someone or to cause drama, think to yourself “do you really NEED to do this?” “What purpose does it serve to ME?” and “Does it really matter what they do, and will it hurt me?”  If you REALLY need drama in your life, go watch a god damn soap opera… there is enough crappy drama in an episode of General Hospital or All my Children to satisfy all your needs!


Congratulations!  You have passed Introduction to the Ghetneck and have found yourself being a full-blown DOUCHEBAG!  How can we tell you’ve reached this level of honor?  Fasten your seat belts, because here we go:

Lets face it, you are a fucking stalker.  I know my public pictures are out there for everyone to see, but you take it to another level.  You peruse my pages daily, saving my pictures and sending them back to me with dirty little comments. And not just one. Every single picture I take. Even pictures that I’ve specifically sent to a certain person, which means you were reading my conversations with other people. Now, I know me, and there really isn’t anything extreme in my pictures.  You might get a bra or a nightie shot.  And usually even those are in good taste. Hell, my swimming suits are more revealing than most of my undies. I post them openly. Fine. But taking a picture that I’ve personally sent to a specific person is going a little too far. Yes, you can go to my pages and see them, but they were meant to peak a conversation with that certain someone.  Not you.  Granted, it is flattering, and fun on occasion to have your picture sent back, telling exactly how you make that person feel. I like that every so often. Just not every fucking picture I post.  And not taking a picture that wasn’t meant to be anything more than fun, and turning it perverse.  I will say, however, there are a few people that are allowed to go there.

I am a perverted person. I freely and proudly admit to this.  But not every fucking thing I say is in the gutter.  I have a god damn brain in my head and I do prefer to have that stimulated more than anything.  Sexual talk is all in fun, until every damn thing you say to me becomes just that. Sexual.  In truth, I really only like to be perverted with people I’m comfortable with.  They are my little circle of friends.  Sure, you could be there someday.  But getting to know me is the only way to get to the level where I openly feel thrilled at being in gutter with you.  There has really only been one that I’ve let this side show to from the start.  What can I say? He excites me.  It happens.  But even he will have a non-sexual conversation with me.  And even though our conversations do not happen as often as I’d like, he still has referred to me as one of his “elite.” Hopefully, if he’d ever read this, he’d realize it was him, and you would realize it is not you. The people in this little section of my rant get to break all rules with me.  Friends are awesome when it comes to this.  Maybe you should try that first.

After years of not being allowed to know myself sexually, I’m just learning how to to do this all. I don’t want fucking bombarded by every asshole douchebag who thinks they see an opening.  Most likely if I’m interested in playing around with you on this level, I will respond directly to you. I may even make the first move.  But if you find that I am giving you non sexual responses, or just blowing you off in general, give it up. You’ve probably already turned me off to future fun.  But if I have responded, instigated or already played around with you, hang on, because I’m up for learning…


Ok, I don’t normally have a lot to say because C does a really good job of getting it out there and today is not going to be any different.  The one thing I want to add is this:

When the FUCK did flirting become something where a man or a woman has to be completely disgusting and turn everything you say into some sexually explicit comment?  Even when you say something about rainbows and unicorns they seem to find some way of twisting it around for their sick fucked up fantasy.  Our society has obviously turned into a bunch of horny assholes who don’t know how to treat someone of the opposite sex without making them feel like a god damn piece of meat.

THEN, we have people that think to get to a girls heart, you need to send them pictures of your penis!  Are you fucking serious?  Yes, I know with that great invention called a CELLPHONE that now has a CAMERA it makes it so easy to send pictures to your favorite someone, but does it NEED to be of that little guy in your pants?  Come on, please stop embarrassing yourself.  You realize us girls just get those pictures and pass them around to all our friends so we can laugh at them right???

As someone suggested to me the other night, I think maybe I should start a site where girls can submit all their MMS texts they get from men, trying to show off their manhood to get in a girls pants.

By: Chrissa

Gentlemen, welcome to class. Today we are going to discuss the proper way to pick up just one of those lovely little in your sights. So you’ve decided that these little girls no longer do it for you, and you’d like to try your hand at a real woman. This class is here to show you the proper way at achieving the Ghetneck Douche bag Status.
What is a Ghetneck?  Simple enough you must follow this creed: Talk like a G, live like a redneck. Follow these simple rules, and you should pass with flying colors.

  1. You absolutely must purchase and wear at all times your infamous Ghetneck Glasses. All Ghetneck Glasses come hoe tinted, so all the ladies look like gullible trailer trash, just like you like them.
  2. Forget how to spell. We love it when you use words like “wat” “luv” and anything else that says you just don’t care what people think. Fuck real school. Life is too fun to be stuck in a classroom.
  3. Impress her with all your redneck doings. Suggest she should be out watching the races with you instead of reading a good book.
  4. Tell her how impressed you are with everything she does, including raising her kids on her own. Make sure she knows how strong you think she is, even though you just met her.
  5. Stalk her on line pages. Stare at her pictures, and let her know you are doing this. Tell her how wonderful hers are, and whine how horrible yours are.
  6. Do not forget to let her randomly know she is a hottie.
  7. If you happen to see anything that might show she is a domestic violence survivor, bring it up. Let her know how much you hate men that do that. Let her know you’d kill them for her. Because that is all she wants. Someone else willing to end the violence, with violence.
  8. Tell her she needs a guy in her life. That will make it all better.
  9. Ignore or completely not notice all her little hints. The more oblivious you are to her intentions, or lack of, the better you will fare.

Now that you have this list of rules, let me give you an example of how your very first conversation should go. Pay strict attention to the spelling. Again, this is important when wooing said lady.

A General Conversation

9:17am You:
hi, how are you? I see you live in “various small town” I lived there when I was little

9:18am You:
you look so fimilar

9:18am Lovely Lady:
I’m not bad. You? I’ve lived here on and off for most of my life.

9:20am You:
That is cool wat out in the country.. I’am good just came back from Richmond

9:21am Lovely Lady:
I don’t mind the country, but I am ready for a change.

9:22am You:
lol too lonley there. I have talk to you before just not sure where

9:24am Lovely Lady:
I used to work in at “various restaurant: and then “bar name”. Maybe there.

9:25am You:
that is it.. how is life.. I thought you seemed like a sweet girl

9:28am Lovely Lady:
lol thank you. life isn’t bad. just always the same. You?

9:29am You:
it has been a bumpy ride for me that is for sure.. You seem so down

9:36am Lovely Lady:
Eh, not really. Just fed up with small town. I have alot of good around me.

9:39am You:
glad to hear that.. What all do you do for fun?

9:39am Lovely Lady:
Hiking, yoga, and karate

9:40am You:
you like to be active then me too.. I love to go to alot of different places

9:42am Lovely Lady:
I don’t get to go a lot of places, because my kids are always with me.

9:43am You:
I understand that it is tough to plan things and you are probally very busy withth them.. Are you a single mother?

9:46am Lovely Lady:
yes. just me and my boys here

9:47am You:
I have alot of respect for girls like you.. I don’t know how you do it..

9:49am Lovely Lady:
You just do it. No other choice. I can’t be one of those project type mothers that leave their kids behind while they party.

9:50am You:
lol you are right about that.. There is alot that are like that

9:53am Lovely Lady:
Until I get a job, I don’t even go out. My rules. I can’t live like that.

9:53am You:
you sound like a perfict mother.. I like that..

9:57am You:
the econmy is tough now girl

9:57am Lovely Lady:
it is. So I just worry about getting the boys through it.

9:58am You:
it has to get better sometime soon

10:00am Lovely Lady:
Working on that. With the help of my Sensei and his wife.

10:00am You:
where do you take karote at

10:04am You:
sorry not the best at this hope I’am doing ok

10:09am Lovely Lady:
its okay, I had a phone call
I study at “various Martial Arts School”

10:10am You:
that is cool.. how long have you been doing that?

10:12am You:
you are very cute

10:13am Lovely Lady:
lol Thanks. I’ve been studying over a year. It’s become an obsession.

10:15am You:
does it relax you? your pictures are very nice… mine suck

10:18am Lovely Lady:
Karate relaxes me, and winds me up. I’m bound and determined to rise through the ranks there. With my pics, I just get bored a lot here and play with the camera.

10:19am You:
lol they are nice.. did you look at mine
that is great don’t ever give up

10:22am Lovely Lady:
I haven’t been off my page yet, with phone calls and kid stuff. I have a hard time surfing the net. I’ll get there.

10:23am You:
I know the web can be a pain sometimes

10:27am Lovely Lady:
I get caught up on tech stuff on line, and news blogs. Then I forget about fb and all that

10:28am You:
lol you are on line alot? it is nice to talk to you

10:29am Lovely Lady:
I have it up all day as I’m doing things. It’ll say I’m on line, but I may not be near the computer.

10:30am You:
I see.. I want to get one of those phones that you can do the web on

10:31am Lovely Lady:
I want a smartphone. But that is because I want to be able to surf when I am not at home.

10:32am You:
same here dear.. I just came back from Richmond for the nascar race

10:36am Lovely Lady:
I don’t pay much attention to sports, although I’ve been to races, including Richmont.

10:37am You:
that is cool I go to alot of them.. I understand why you wouldn’t pay attention to sports

10:39am You:

10:41am Lovely Lady:
well, I am more of a nerd. I like SciFi and geek movies. I read a lot. I like to be involved in physical activity. I just do not sit and watch it.

10:42am You:
lol I’am the same. don’t read much need to do that more. love scary movies

10:44am Lovely Lady:
I like horror, but I can’t watch it alot because of the boys. I read a lot. Books, comics. Anything geek related.

10:45am You:
lol I don;t think you are a Geek.. they say oppisites attract

10:46am Lovely Lady:
I am a geek and proud. Lol

10:46am You:
you are very smart

10:48am Lovely Lady:
I just have an interest in smart things.

10:49am You:
I like that

10:50am Lovely Lady:
I’d like to leave this area. Find something that stimulates my mind a bit more.

10:51am You:
me too.. I want to go to Flordia I think or anywhere

10:52am Lovely Lady:
Not me, I want LA.

10:52am You:
LA would be good to girl

10:55am Lovely Lady:
Warm weather, a lot of opportunities.

10:56am You:
yes.. there is there.. do you like to talk to me>

10:57am Lovely Lady:
Sure. I like meeting new people.

10:58am You:
me too it is fun

10:59am You:
you just seem like someone I want to get to know better

11:05am Lovely Lady:
I spend a lot of time talking on line, but outside of it, I am not away from kids. Hazard of being a single unemployed mom.

11:05am You:
you need a guy maybe in your life?

11:08am Lovely Lady:
Haha, I don’t know about that. I do not date right now.

11:09am You:
may I ask why

11:10am Lovely Lady:
Just trying to learn to do it on my own, before I add anyone else in it. I’m a single, unemployed mother who came out of a really bad relationship 2 years ago.

11:11am You:
aww so sorry to hear that.. abusive suks

11:12am Lovely Lady:
yep. Hence the karate starting.

11:13am You:
that is fucking wrong I get so pissed about that.. you should never put your hands on a women..

11:14am Lovely Lady:
Well, and no one will again.

11:15am You:
I would have killed him for that..

11:16am Lovely Lady:
yeah well, I’m well protected now.

11:18am You:
I have to go be on a little

11:21am You is offline.

11:35am You:
talk to you latr

So there you have it. Just follow this example, and you are on your way to being a Douchebag Ghetneck.

~Seriously Ladies and Gentlemen, does this fucking shit work on any real people?!! I think I need to go take a hot shower, and find a stiff drink.

By: Lori

I’ll let you in on a little secret, gentlemen…  You want to get in my pants?  Get in my head.

I have a thing for geeks.  There is a reason for that.  They aren’t afraid to let me see their big, huge INTELLECTS.  I suppose that there are women out there who fall for the Ghetneck.  I am not one of them.  I like my men smart.  I like them funny.  I like them on the sarcastic side.  And let’s face it, good sarcasm is hard to accomplish if you don’t have the brains to back it up.

If a man can tickle my curiosity and make me think?  Let’s just say that there is a higher than average chance that he’ll get to tickle other things and make me… uh, yeah.*KdkS*5nDRqavQxUmY_/intelligence.jpgI’m not asking that a guy be a genius.  I’m asking for a conversation.  One that is two-sided and one where it doesn’t seem like all you’re doing is paying lip service (or type service) to what I’m saying so that you can interject clever quips like, “did u look at my pics”.  No woman wants a know-it-all, or a guy that is going to look down their noses at us.  But if a guy can’t even carry on the simplest of conversations without making it clear there is an ulterior motive, then for fuck sake, just don’t bother me.

If I’m someone that you think you want to get to know, you’ll do something more than hit me up with a “whassup” and a “wat u wearin”.  Otherwise my likely reply will be “STFU & GFY”.

You want me to think about you?  Make me think.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
Mmm…  Now we’re talking.


By: Femaleprodigy

You would think by this time, I wouldn’t have anything to add to Lori and Chrissa’s posts… Ye’ of little faith my small minded little douchebag Ghetnecks!

To really make that little lady of yours feel special, make sure to make her feel like a piece of meat.  Make sure to check out her ass and tits at any given moment when you are with her and make sure to talk about tits and ass when you are not with them.  If you are with them and would really like to kick it up a notch, you can smack her ass and grab her tits at any given moment.  No time is a bad time to do this!

While washing dishes… SMACK HER ASS
While taking a shower… reach around the shower curtain and grab her tits
While grocery shopping… Smack her ass and grab her tits!

See, there is never a time when you should feel this is inappropriate.


Sometimes I wonder if men really think this is a great way to pick up women.  Or is it only around here? NO, it can’t be.  I spoke to an individual that doesn’t live around here and actually lives on the opposite coast and he said that men  there act this way too.  When did it become common practice to act this way to try and pick up a woman.

Do you actually think that 85% of us fall for this bullshit?  (Yes, there are those 15% that really will fall for it, but that percentage is usually an exception and I won’t even try to explain who they are).  Get with the program gentlemen… We want mature men who can stimulate our minds as well as our bodies! I think from the sample conversation above, my IQ dropped.  I suddenly feel drool coming out of my mouth as I sit here with a stupid look on my face going DUHHHH!!

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Femaleprodigy – You can also find Femaleprodigy on her blog at Random Jess

So yeah, friends, aren’t they wonderful? They are they for you to bitch and whine too, they are there for you to run mouth too. Hell the real friends are there to smack you upside your head when you are totally fucking up.

And then there are “those” friends. Yeah, you know them. The fucking douche bags that you put your emotions and trust in only to wind up on the back burner of their lives, without a clue as to why. There was this little article or something I read once called Reasons. In short it said that some people were in your life for a Season, some people for a Reason, and some for a Lifetime. These fake friends, they don’t fit in anywhere. Yet, we still fucking jump through hoops when they decide to pop up.

For some it happens as they fall in and out of  “love.” When they have their attentions focused in another direction, you don’t exist. Unless of course the dark waters are churning. If they are unhappy for a second, your back on the radar. And then suddenly they are gone once again and you are in limbo. Because all is right as rain in paradise. Don’t get me fucking wrong. I don’t wish anyone unhappiness, and I definitely hope my friends find awesome love. But when that love comes with misery, lying, sneaking and ignoring friends, well hell, maybe you are meant to be. And not on my give another fucking thought to list.

Then you get these pecker head needy friends. You know, the fuckers that only come around when they think they can get something from you. Not even just material somethings. Maybe all their other shithead friends are off ignoring them with their “special” someones, so you are all that is left with an arm to twist. These are the ones that you know damn well never to say anything somewhat personal to, or you’ll live to regret it. That person you mention that is hot, suddenly now thinks you are stalking him or her.  Your douche bag ex you decided to let off some steam on, now knows that you wonder how the hell you ever thought he or she was attractive, and that sex with them made you fear sex for a long time afterwards. But, you slip. You always do. You get caught up in that moment, and there it goes like a bat out of hell, and you find yourself slipping down where said bat came from.

Then you have the ones that fuck your feelings up the most. These are the ones that you let in closer to than you normally let others. And usually quicker than  normal as well.  You trust them. You love them to death. You tell them everything, and you are told that they do the same. Then one day, where the fuck did they go? You try once or twice to find out what is going on, or keep in contact, but to no avail. Sure, they still have you on their so-called friend list, but you also see about 10 other individuals on that list you’ve heard them bitching about. So then, do they run to those people and bitch about all the rest?

If you are like me, you are a fucking idiot. Because pride would tell you to suck it, get over, fuck them, they aren’t worth it. Pride tells me that. Then this stupid fucking softy side of me (yes, I have one of those. Actually, I’m pretty much all of one of those.) breaks down the moment they call, text, email, whatever, and jumps right back in. Why? Who the fuck knows.

Maybe that is why I’m writing this. So I’d say, if you see yourself in this at all, maybe you need to either “shit or get off the pot.” Take me the hell off your back burner one way or another. Oh, and have a fucking backbone and tell me the hell why.

I’m off to finish my Starbucks Ice Cream now.

background.jpg Fake friends image by la_guera87Those “real friends” are the ones that you can go weeks or even months without speaking and when you finally do talk, its like you never skipped a beat.  I have a friend like that!  Her name is Heather (yes Chrissa is a real friend, don’t get me wrong but I talk to her all the time and I love her).. She knows who she is, and recently she moved back to our hometown and I couldn’t be happier!  Sure we’ve had our moments where we were mad at each other, but those moments didn’t break our friendship.  We’ve shared some of our most embarrassing moments with each other and hell, the other day along with our friend Megan, we sat in Starbucks in State College, PA talking for two hours.  TWO HOURS!!  It didn’t even feel like it was that long.  What my point is, is that you know who those real friends.  They don’t leave you when times are down.  They don’t come back to you when you are a “last resort”.  They don’t run their mouths about you, and they keep your secrets!

I sit back some days and think to myself “WHY the fuck do I deal with those people that hurt me the most?”  Yes, I have friends that can be considered fake.  I’m sure they wouldn’t even realize I’m talking about them if they were to read this.  Those friends would read this and dismiss it as being “not about them”.  You then realize that the reason they don’t know it, is because they are either self absorbed or either they really are that stupid!  So why do I keep them around?? I have no idea!!  Which brings me to something else about fake & real friends.

Have you ever read those “forwards” on facebook/myspace/txt/ect that talk about real friends and fake friends and that if you are a REAL friend you would forward it to all your friends… NO!  A real friend would be there with you or on the phone with you catching up rather then posting pointless crap on those social networks wasting your time reading the shit!  A real friend would be facebook chatting with you or posting pictures of their children to share with those real friends.  A real friend would be updating you via facebook/myspace/txt/ect about what is going on and if it were a post that sounded like you were down, that friend would then call or message you to find out how you are doing.  I don’t need to post pointless forward to figure out who my REAL friends are, and if you feel you do… they you don’t really know who those real friends are..(or you really need that ego boost by watching all your “friends” repost your shitty forward… narcissistic much?)

So get off your ass and off your computer and CALL YOUR FRIENDS! Let them know how much they mean to you and catch up with them!  Make plans, do things, and make time for fun times with them… who knows when that “last time” will be.  Live for today and make each day count!

I’m going to go call my friend now…

{October 6, 2009}   ex-oh-ex-oh-ex-oh

Okay, here is the deal. I am friggin’ sick and tired of dealing with asshole exes. Now before you start getting all huffy and what not, I am not a “man hater” as some people say. I do not put all my past expirences on other men. I just seem to have the misfortune, that the real pricks out there know how to spot me. And then I have to deal with the drama. An endless abyss of drama, since dealing with assholes, means also dealing with their childish aquaintances. You know them. I’m sure you all have “that ex” in there somewhere.

oops did i do that?

oops did i do that?

Today though, we are going to deal with the asshole exes, that were lucky enough to be blessed with your child. I’ve tried beyond might to be the “friend.” Personally, the only reason I even care one shit what happens to this person is because I love my child. I don’t care who they are sleeping with, what their job is doing to them, why their other ex is the biggest whore on the face of the earth. I used to care. Well, from a friend point. I wanted to be friends, even after the hell I went through, especially after I left. Now, all bets are off. Wake the fuck up?! It is about the child. Not you, not me, not your new ex, or your family, or your friends. One person. That little one sitting their wondering why you aren’t keeping your damn promises.

You call me up, crying on my shoulder. You need someone to talk to. You know you screwed me over… you can see so clearly now. Okay fine. I’m glad you are growing up. Wait, what? Oh, that’s right, it’s an act. You don’t know how to grow up. The world owes you, and has screwed you over. And now so is everyone else. Then suddenly I am. Oh, what? You don’t want to pay child support. Well, maybe you should stop sleeping with everything that crosses your path. It’s not child’s fault you are a loser. That poor little person just wants to know where you are. And when you don’t show up, guess who has to fix it?

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that part of my chest, here it is. I am sick of hearing non stop about parents using their kids as weapons. They think only of themselves, and then use the kids as a means to hurt the other person. When you have a child you need to grow your ass up. Life will never be about you anymore. Everything you do is going to affect that little innocent child.

Here is your f*ing reality check: You are not God’s gift to the human race. The world owes you nothing. You owe the child everything. I have absolutely no interest in ever being with you again. Now grow the fuck up, and be a parent.


HOW ‘BOUT IT!!?? (and i’m not a man hater either.. i’m just a hater of my ex)

You know, kids say the darnest things… My kids came home the other day to tell me that their sperm donor is trying to get me back! ROTFLMAO OMG WTF AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (you totally should have seen my face as I just typed that out).  I really want to be polite in front of my children and I was. I simply told them “sorry sweetie, daddy and I just don’t get along enough for me to go back to him” when what I really wanted to say was “OMG, that is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.. WHY would I leave a stable home and everything to go live in a hellhole with the biggest asshole in the world just to live day to day by scavenging in the couch for enough change to buy our next meal”

OK you say.. “that’s a bit exaggerated Offensive J”.. NO it’s really not!  Now I know what this ex is going to do.  He is going to pull out the INTIMIDATION card because he thinks it will still work on me.  Sad thing is, that wore off a LONG time ago!

So what some of your EX horror stories?  We wanna hear them!  Give us your best!

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